Shipping Rates

The South San Francisco Conference Center can only receive shipments three days prior to Day One of the event.

Please be advised of the following charges if you are shipping your boxes by Federal Express, UPS, or any other shipper:

Client Account/Third Party Billing $3.00/per package (to be paid in advance)

  PDF for Shipping Arrangement Form (293 KB)


  • SEAL or TAPE and LABEL all packages.
  • FILL OUT the air bill, shipping record, or the appropriate call tag for each package.
  • Please leave boxes (which are to be shipped) at your registration area.
  • IMPORTANT: - Non-compliance of the above requirements will delay delivery to the desired destination. - All materials that remain at the Conference Center after the event must be picked up within three (3) working days or the Conference Center will automatically dispose of all left over materials. - At the conclusion of your event, please leave this completed form with your Event Coordinator.